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VOIP Communications For Individuals and Businesses

VOIP Communications is the technology used by high tech individuals and businesses for voice communications. Finding a company that allows you to
communicate over the IP make life easy for people to conduct business meetings and to keep in touch with family and friends. When you add the video option to the package, you can conduct conference calls with business partners and associates as well as friends and family while seeing the person or persons you are talking too. This feature is for both phone and computers.

What Is Adware? - Internet Of Things

Adware is one of many "malwares" or malicious software programs that are unknowingly installed by you on your computer when you visit online sites and download applications. When you use share files or visit sites with free downloads of wallpaper, videos, or music, some of these sites sometimes will send along adware software with your download.

What is a MAC Address? - Internet Of Things

MAC addresses is an example of an address that resides on the datalink layer of an OSI model. The addresses themselves are written into the hardware proper at the time that the model is manufactured. This has led to some people referring to a MAC address as a burned in address.

Why is the MAC Address burned into the Data Link Layer?

What is IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification)?

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identification is a series of numbers that identifies key elements of the phone that it can be registered to a single user and reported stolen if necessary. This IMEI is also used for identification in phone tracing methods and terrorist activities identification. This number is printed or etched onto the phone behind the battery so that it may be found when necessary.

How To Choose A Strong Password - Internet Of Things

You should, choose a strong, secure password in such a manner that would be a hard nut to crack for others and easy for you to remember. The more random and mixed-up you make it, the harder it is for others to crack. Mind you, if your password is compromised, the password crackers will even take over your identity.

How Hackers Take Control of Your Computer

Your PC has many "ports" which are vulnerable to attack from a hacker. These ports are used to communicate internally with your monitor or printer or externally to the internet. For example, Port 25 is used for receiving incoming email and Port 80 is used to connect to the internet.

How to Convert Millimeters (mm) to Inches (in)

To convert a unit from millimeters to inches, multiple steps are necessary as the two units are in a different system of units. Millimeters is in a number form, 1 x 10-3 meters (the standard unit of length), and is one of the metric unit systems and a part of the International System of Units (SI). On the other hand, an inch is a unit of length in a few systems such as in the English units, Imperial units, and the United States customary units. It is basically 1/36th of a yard or 1/12th of a foot.

Wireless Headset For Safe Driving - Internet Of Things

Wireless devices are an excellent advancement in technology and electronics that allow us to enjoy the functionality of our various products. They do not need to be plugged into a base unit such as the media player, stereo system, computer or other electronic items. The wireless headset functions on the premise of communication via blue-tooth, infrared signals, or then radio signals. This type of headset enables you to drive safely, enjoy music, enjoy your favorite movie, TV series while working out, cooking or while you in the bathroom.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle eWaste - Go Green, Save Our Environments

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle eWaste - Go Green, Save Our Environments: In todays world, technology has domninate all industries, almost all communities and organisations have adopted the Reduce, Reuse and Recycling of eWaste which include old computers, electronics boards etc this however is protecting the environment by avoid soil contamination. City governments are constantly looking for ways solve problems related to toxins into the soil. This is a serious concern by the government.

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