How to choose a Website Hosting Plan

Website Hosting

Choosing a website hosting can be daunting, when you are at the verge of establishing online business. One of the main factor to take into consideration is security because it is a concern in today's business world. All organizations need a web server for online presence to be 100% uptime at all time after a website. Website cannot be visible online without a hosting plan. It is imperative important to choose reliable hosting partner. That is reason you are reading this article to help you make informed decision before choosing hosting provider.

We have simplified the different type of web servers available for you to make informed decision when choosing a webhosting plan.


This is the most common type of server due to low cost. The server is shared with pool of websites. You are limited to the disk space and bandwidth provision to you. Its is recommended for personal websites that do not concern with security vulnerabilities. A huge disadvantage is when one of the website hosted on the shared server is penalized, it will affect all website hosted on the shared website.


This is the type of web server that allow you to explore more resources. It is advance compare to shared server but have similar characteristics. The disk space and price differ from shared server. Most small business will prefer Virtual private server due to moderate cost of maintenance and ease of control.


Corporations and online businesses prefer dedicated server because of it powerful features. Its is your data center provision only for you to manage and alocate the resources the way you prefer. The cost of maintaining dedicated server is expensive compare to shared and virtual private server. But you are at your liberty when it comes control in terms of software to install on the server. An average cost of a dedicated server varies from $100 and above.

Make sure you choose a web hosting provider that will ensure adequate performance and success of your online business for your business.