Push, Pull, Fork Codes and Collaborate in the Cloud




GitHub is a great social cloud based environment for designers and developers used as software management by businesses for codes and collateral storage on project collaboration. It was written in Ruby programming language. It allow designers and developers to effectively manage source code using git. It has great features such as bug tracking, feature request, task management, code version control etc.

Millions of developers rely on GitHub for project management. Most open source projects can be found on GitHub. Which is the secret source of most projects. Both experienced developers and non experience developers can leverage on open source projects on GitHub. It is securely and reliably for hosting projects. You do not have worry about loosing your work. Enterprise projects can deploy on a private servers or in a private cloud using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle or Google Cloud Platform etc.

GitHub Features includes;

1. Code review

2. Project Management

3. Integrations

4. Great Community

5. Documentation

6. Code Hosting

7. Custom Domain

GitHub application can be downloaded Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris etc.

GitHub is available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux etc users, clone a repository (Open Source Project). Modify or cloned collaborative project and commit, pull push codes to GitHub. This does not require technical skills beyond a web browser on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computers. For customization, you can use your domain name for GitHub. It requires setting a CNAME from your custom domain dashboard.