Tips to make your website fast like a rocket

Fast Web

Fast Web

The time it takes to load your site determine the average time your website visitors will spend on your website. This can make or break a visitor's first impression of your site. If your site takes too long to load, the visitor will abandon your website. Time is an important factor in everything. It is critical to have a nice design, with a fast load time to save the total time your visitor will spend on your website.

You should check out the load time of your website to know the time it takes your site to load. A great site tool to use is where you are able to enter your site address and it displays a report on the time it takes to load your site with other problems associated with your website, in addition to tips to decrease load time and optimize your website effectively.

Upon doing a speed test, if your first page takes a great time to load in the visitor's browser, it is in the best interest to do some optimization to decrease load time and increase the number of visitors. Web components and files such as Images, Sounds and Animations are the major factor that determine download time of a website. While these add nicely to a site, they may take up a lot of time to load if it is not properly optimized. A great way to avoid slow website is to properly compress files such as images, videos etc. Consider using moving your website to the cloud to take advantage of scalable cloud computing, make use of CDN for large sized files. Many images may be optimized to take less space, and download more quickly. Consider using image editor to perform these tasks. However, make sure your DNS (Domain Name System) is properly configure without errors.

Sounds and videos should be avoided on your main page if you are not using CDN or not properly compress, as they take up most time to load. Keep these for inner pages if possible. Videos and sound files can be from 100 KB to 1 MB in size or larger. Remember, when a website is slow. This definitely could turn the user away from your site. So keep these files to a fairly small size, or avoid if possible.

Text can also play a significant role in the load time. If you have a large amount of HTML code and large amount of content on your main page, it will also increase the load time. Text however is not as significant, as the entire text you have on the site may not be even the same size as a couple of pictures combined. So limit the large sized graphics on your web sites. Your visitors will appreciate the fast loading site with the information being presented that they are looking for.