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Choosing a cloud environment to host your website is very important, it gives you the computing and scaling power over RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processing Unit) and disk space depending on your project needs. You have the flexibility to conveniently resize RAM, CPU and Disk Storage with ease. However, you must power off the micro machine to be able to scale to your requirement. Cloud has proven to be a great enterprise solution for storages unlike traditional servers. It has a lot of advantages which include the freedom to customize your server resources. Hosting environment determine the website performance on the server. Starting from the page size of a website which determine how fast a website will load. The heavier the website page, the slower the load time.

Choosing a wrong server can waste visitors time and can also result to loss of revenue as a result of lost of traffic. It is recommended to keep the home page of a website between 5MB and 3MB in order to experience fast load time for a great performance. Also reduction in HTTP request is very important. However, taking advantage of caches Server and the core components is a good practice, avoid so many page redirects, making JavaScript and css is compressed using gzip on the server end.

Unlike traditional ways of hosting, where applications or programs are locally run at business infrastructure. Cloud Computing is a good option due to its scalability. It is widely used for Project Collaboration, Storage, Softwares to jump-start, grow and expand your business. It advantages includes, Performance, Reliability, Efficiency, Flexibility, Disaster Recovery, Automation of Software updates, Reduce Infrastructure Expenditure, Work Remotely, Document Easy Access, Security etc. This session will cover how you can migrate your business to the Cloud.

Cloud Computing has proven to be reliable. Cost is also one of the deciding factor when starting a project. You can scale from mini project to enterprise resource. Most businesses often ignore the importance of some basic factors such as performance and security which is readily available in the Cloud.

Performance is very important to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, generate more leads and increase revenue. It is a good practice to audit your website at all time and perform optimization. to have a great website